She was born in Dalian, Liaoning Province on March 10, In 2007. She is currently studying at Dalian Wangfu High School International Department.

In August 2023, her work “Open for kindergarten logo” was included in the “China Creative Design Yearbook 2022-2023”, and the work was assessed as silver award by the current “Yearbook”. In March 2023, her work “Brave” was selected for the “French Al AC Contemporary Art Exhibition” held in Bona, France, together with French adult artists.

In November 2022, she participated in the “Forum for Young Students of Modern Batik Painting” at Dalian Lushun Museum and initiated live batik art creation activities. In November 2022, her work was exhibited in the Honor Exhibition of the Cradle of Modern Batik Art. In October 2022, her works Collide and Fusion were exhibited at the Lyon Biennale, Resonance Online. In August 2022, she joined the AIAC International Association of Contemporary Art in France. In 2022,her works was exhibited on the Online Exhibition of Future Youth Art Works hosted by the AIAC .

In 2018,she won the Excellence Award of Steinway Schumann Piano Competition.

In 2017,she won the gold medal in the Dream China Model Competition. In 2017,she won the gold medal of the composition contest for the Learning Cup.

In 2016,she won the Star Torch Oral Gold Award.

In 2015,she won the Excellence Award of the Fulihua Koman Cup International Piano Competition.