Since 2017, The International Association of Contemporary Arts (AIAC) a true cultural enterprise, aims to bring together actors from the world of the culture, the entrepreneurial and institutional sphere.
Our mission : to promote art and creators in the fields of visual arts, design, fashion, architecture and the living arts.
Our primary ambition is to bring together different communities for to promote innovation and creativity. We are convinced that esthetics has an ethical, human and universal value.
Our objective is to organize intercultural manifestation with partners from the artistic, scientific and technological community.
Promote our intercommunal differences – factor of wealth – for propose ambitious projects in the service of the brotherhood.

The activities of the association

    • Organization of exhibitions (trade fairs, contemporary art fairs)
    • Event planning
    • Conferences (Contemporary Art)
    • International cultural exchanges
    • Artist residencies
    • awards ceremony
    • Publications
    • press communication and social networks
    • Selection of artists for the organization of a contemporary art event
    • Support for fashion designers and designers

Last news

2019-09-07the president of AIAC was invited to give a lecture at the Arts and Technologies conference at UCAS in BEIJING.

The Conference of International Art and Science. The president of the association gave a keynote titled “Contemporary Art and Technology”